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Tippi Hedren won't give advice

Tippi Hedren won't give advice

Tippi Hedren refuses to give advice.

The 'Birds' actress insists she has never offered career tips to her daughter Melanie Griffith - who she had with late ex-husband Peter Griffith - or granddaughter Dakota Johnson because she thinks it is important people make their "own choices".

Asked if she's given advice to Dakota - whose father is Don Johnson - she said: "No I haven't. I didn't with Melanie either. I don't give advice to people. I think they have to make their own choices."

Despite Dakota becoming a household name in the movie adaptation of raunchy novel 'Fifty Shades of Grey'. Tippi admitted she "hasn't seen" the movie.

Meanwhile, though the actress is 86 she insists she will never slow down as she prefers to be "busy" and still exercises every day.

Asked her secret to staying young, she told FOX411: "I don't know what it is. I'm very active, I've never slowed down and I don't think I ever will. I still work everyday at the Shambala preserve. I'm a very busy woman and I like it. I exercise everyday. I don't weigh anymore than I did when I was modeling. I'm still at 100 pounds wringing wet."

The 'Marnie' actress opened up in her recent autobiography about her ordeal at the hands of director Alfred Hitchcock and she admitted she was "disappointed" by his obsessive behaviour because she had so much respect for him professionally until he began making passes at her and stopping her male co-stars from speaking to her

She said: "This is the first time I haven't been interested in the passes of men make. It's legion, I'm not the only one, I won't be the last one. I've dealt with it all my life. I'm good at it, I'm really good at it.

"It was just kind of disappointing to me that he would pull that card because I so respected him as a director and film producer and his choices of films."