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Tinie Tempah planning to move to America

Tinie Tempah planning to move to America

Tinie Tempah wants to move to the US.

The 'Girls Like' hitmaker has been enticed by the American way of life after spending a weekend in Las Vegas with Calvin Harris.

Tinie was surprised but intrigued to hear from 32-year-old Calvin that he loves everything about his life in Los Angeles and has no plans to return to his native Scotland.

Speaking to the Daily Star newspaper, the 27-year-old rapper said: "What I wanted to know was how different life in America was - he just said he'd never go back to England.

"It was quite surreal hearing him say that as obviously he must be really happy to say that and must be doing really well."

Tinie found the DJ's outlook inspiring, and despite becoming a major star in the UK he has plans to crack the charts Stateside.

He added: "It's inspiring because I've done really well in the UK, but it elevates your sights and makes you want to do more."

Tinie - who grew up in London - has already started thinking about where he might move to and he thinks New York City would be the perfect destination for him to put down new roots.

He explained: "I'd have a nice apartment in New York somewhere. I like to shop - when I first came over to New York I was the biggest fan of 'Fight Club' and I was buying the infrared Jordans on every visit. I probably have 11 pairs (of those sneakers).

"I like Barneys. I like Central Park, some of the strip clubs - Sue's Rendezvous, yeah I've been there. And I like the food places as well."

After getting a place in The Big Apple, Tinie then has plans to buy a home in a more sedate location.

He said: "Later on, when I get older - I'm 27 now - I'll get a little ranch in LA."