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Tina Fey: 'My daughter's on the naughty list'

Tina Fey: 'My daughter's on the naughty list'

Tina Fey has joked that her four-year-old daughter Penelope will be on "the naughty list" this Christmas.

While Tina's older daughter, Alice, 10, is "really sweet", she admitted that Penelope has her moments and could find herself without a present this year.

Speaking to chat show host Ellen DeGeneres, she said: "The last time I was here I was pregnant.

"My older one is sweet and really easy going and my little one is rough. She is smart. That's the problem, too. When she is mad at you, she will just take you apart."

"I struggle because I worry she will be on the naughty list. There are times where I feel she should be on the naughty list, but then if that happens then there will sort of be hell to pay for mommy. I don't want to be the one there on Christmas morning, be like, 'Guess what happened? Coal. You got nothing.'"

While Penelope could be left without a gift on Christmas morning, Tina - who is married to Jeff Richmond - recently revealed what she wants from Santa Claus this year.

The 'Sisters' star joked she has turned into her mother because the present she wants most of all over the festive period is a piece of quilted fabric for holding hot dishes and pans, known as pot holders in the US.

She said: "I don't care what anyone says I like to give and receive presents.

"My wish list is like gym clothes and new pot holders. I've officially turned into my mom like, I don't want anything just give me some pot holders."