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Tina Barrett 'disappointed' about C-section

Tina Barrett 'disappointed' about C-section

Tina Barrett is "disappointed" she had to give birth to her son via Caesarean section three months ago.

The S Club 7 singer was desperate to welcome her little boy Roman into the world naturally but was left heartbroken when doctors rushed her into theatre 12 hours into her labour because they thought he'd got the umbilical cord tangled around his neck.

She explained: "We were about 12 hours into the labour and the birth wasn't professing as it should.

"The midwife wasn't sure if Roman was stuck or if the umbilical cord had become tangled, but they could tell he was getting distressed so they suggested a C-section. I felt quite disappointed because I wanted to do it all naturally.

"Until that point, time had gone quite quickly, but that stage felt like a lifetime. It turned out that Roman was struggling to get out because he was quite big."

The 40-year-old singer couldn't wait to get her hands on her little bundle of joy but was told she couldn't hold him at first because she was experiencing an adverse reaction to the anaesthetic.

She explained: "I couldn't hold him at first as I started having this very weird reaction to the anaesthetic. I was shivering uncontrollably and felt itchy all over. It wore off eventually."

Tina spent four days in hospital after that but was thrilled midwives allowed her boyfriend Paul Cashmore to stay as well.

She told OK! magazine: "I could have gone home earlier but I was so weak and couldn't really walk, so I thought it was best to stay there for a while. Paul was allowed to stay with me on a camp bed so I had some company."

Paul added: "I didn't take any clothes with me so I was in the same thing the whole time!"