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Tilda Swinton's Prince tribute

Tilda Swinton's Prince tribute

Tilda Swinton has compared Prince to Mozart.

The 55-year-old actress will always be grateful that she didn't give in to jet-lag one night in the mid-1980s and went with her friends to see the iconic singer - who was found dead at his Paisley Park estate yesterday (21.04.16) - perform for "three or four" hours as she was blown away by his "extraordinary" talent.

She said: "Years and years ago in the mid eighties when I first came to New York a friend of mine took me to Nell's. Nell's was the most fantastic club run by Nell Campbell. Little Nell. And I was super jet lagged and my friend said, 'No Hang, hang on.' I wanted to go home to bed. At midnight or maybe even later Prince turned up having played Madison Square Garden for three hours or something like that. And he played for a further three or four hours for about 60 of us. He played about 15 instruments; he was like Mozart. Amazing musician. Really extraordinary."

And the 'Bigger Splash' star also got to witness another special performance by the 'Let's Go Crazy' singer, when she visited his house after the Oscars, and saw him and soul legend Stevie Wonder perform under the same roof.

She told People magazine: "When we went to the Oscars, we ended up at his house, which is an amazing sentence to say. And Stevie Wonder was singing 'Superstition'. It feels like a dream."