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Tilda Swinton has quiet life in Scotland

Tilda Swinton has quiet life in Scotland

Tilda Swinton says none of her neighbours in Scotland bother her.

The 'The Chronicles of Narnia' actress had a conversation with fine artist, Chuck Close, about her fame-free life in Scotland, while her boyfriend Sandro Kopp painted pictures of them both.

The pair engaged in a discussion about fame, and Tilda insisted she loves her life in seaside town Nairn because the locals allow her to be a normal person.

Talking about living in Scotland she told Chuck:"I mean, I'm nowhere in Meryl Streep's fame league, but we live here (in Scotland) absolutely integrated and nobody pays any attention to us, they all know what we do and nobody gives a damn. Really what's important is that we're the parents of our children, and we've got some nice dogs, and we meet everybody on the beach, and that's it."

She went on to talk about the lengths some celebrities will go to make their "vibe" known.

The 54-year-old recalled an experience at an airport where an unnamed famous person made sure they were noticed and spoke to everyone.

She said: "I remember once being in an airport lounge. I was really exhausted - it was an early flight - and I was sitting there reading a book and I could tell that someone had come in. It was like a kinetic energy. And I looked up, and I could tell there was a guy, his back was to me, and I could tell he wanted to be looked at. Because he was giving off this pheromone of I am somebody who needs to be looked at."

Tilda added: "And he turned round and it was A Very Famous Person. And we were in the lounge for a good hour, and during the course of the hour, he made contact with every single person in the lounge and made sure that they knew he was there. And they all had a nice time together. And I was just zoned out, so I made no contact with him at all. And you could tell that he knew that I was the one person who hadn't made contact with him. And he was damned if he was going to let me go. And we got on the plane, and eventually we had a bit of a conversation, and he was perfectly nice, but I was quite impressed by the effort I saw him go through to spread his vibe.

"I thought, 'Wow, that must be exhausting to have to do that everywhere you go.' "

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