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The Vamps' James McVey turns down Beckham's shepherd's pie

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The Vamps' James McVey turns down Beckham's shepherd's pie

The Vamps' James McVey turned down shepherd's pie made by Victoria and David Beckham.

The 21-year-old singer was offered the British grub when he dropped by the family's home to see their 16-year-old son Brooklyn Beckham, but had to politely decline because he is a vegetarian.

Asked if the family put on a feast for him while he was at their home, James said: "Yes. I went to see James Bay with Brooklyn and I met him at his house [beforehand] and it was lovely.

"There was some shepherd's pie.

"I think they made it but I am vegetarian now so I had to decline, but it did look lovely."

The band also revealed Brooklyn - who stars in the video to their new song 'Wake Up' - is great on the field just like his former footballer father David Beckham.

Asked if they played football with him and if he's a good player, James told BBC Radio 1: "We did. He is. We did break the band keepy uppy record with him. Before it was about 60 which we were chuffed with and he came in with 120, he doubled it with his feetsies."