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The Vamps: Americans don't understand 'skinny jeans'

The Vamps: Americans don't understand 'skinny jeans'

The Vamps think Americans don't understand "skinny jeans".

The British quartet - which comprises James McVey, Bradley Simpson, Connor Ball and Tristan Evans - "confuse" their fans over the pond by donning skin tight trousers that is the signature rock 'n' roll fashion and say they get "funny looks".

James, 21, mused: "Our style confuses Americans. They don't understand skinny jeans! We get a lot of funny looks. People could tell we were Brits from our jeans."

The group released their second album, 'Wake Up', in November, and have spent a lot of time on tour in the US "eating hotdogs everyday" and travelling to different states.

Despite the aversion to their fashionable tastes, the heartthrobs were hoping their cute British accents would win over American girls.

James said told Top of the Pops magazine: "We thought our accents would be a way to get to know girls but unfortunately that didn't happen."

And Connor added: "Loads of people thought we were Australian and some couldn't' understand us because we don't have that typical London accent and we all talk quite fast."