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The Rolling Stones' camaraderie

The Rolling Stones' camaraderie

The Rolling Stones still have an incredible sense of "camaraderie".

Mick Jagger has revealed that whilst there is a lot of "water under the bridge" for him and his bandmates - Keith Richards, Ronnie Wood and Charlie Watts - they still enjoy playing together and are always cracking jokes backstage.

He told The Telegraph newspaper: "There's been a lot of water under the bridge, but I think we still feel that camaraderie. I have a really good feeling when we get together and play, when we're rehearsing and doing show days and so on.

"Before we go on stage, when you're chatting, we still make jokes, it's very light-hearted. We don't do prayers, but we do jokes. So the bond is still there and it's good that it is. It would be really rough if we didn't have that. I think it would be impossible to be honest."

Meanwhile, Keith previously claimed the group are "more solid than ever".

He said: "We're probably more solid than ever. I'm looking forward. We've always managed to cross generation. The ages of the audiences in South America and Cuba was amazing. I mean what can I say? We've survived without any collateral damage.

"It's an amazing journey and I can't think if anything that would have happened differently or that's we could have affected. I mean nobody wishes Brian [Jones] was dead but there's nothing else. Also, I must say the resilience of this band, all the c**p that's happened to us so many times, doesn't stop the fact that we will keep going. Just as long as we're here, it's not even a point of honour. It just a case of what else are you going to do?"