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The Affair star Dominic West excites the elderly

The Affair star Dominic West excites the elderly

Dominic West has revealed pensioners love his steamy sex scenes in 'The Affair'.

The 46-year-old actor, who stars alongside Ruth Wilson in the Golden Globe-winning TV drama, joked that the only positive feedback he has been given has come from elderly people in America, most of whom are drawn to the programme's erotic content.

Dominic said: "I'm not really aware [that it's a huge hit]. The only people I've met when we were shooting it in America were a lot these pensioners who watch it in their homes.

"They're like, 'Keep up the good work, we love it! We love the dirty bits.' So, I'm delighted we are appealing to a wider audience!"

Dominic's bare backside is exposed in some of the sexy scenes, and the British actor admits he is loathed to see himself on screen without clothes.

The actor, who plays adulterer Noah Solloway, told UK TV show 'This Morning': "I was there but I dare not look at what the result was or how they shot it. I mean, I've seen a bit of it but..."

Dominic also joked about there being a double standard between himself and his 'Affair' co-star Ruth Wilson, when it comes to nudity.

The screen hunk - who has a makeup artist who touches up his butt cheeks - quipped: "It's always me - Ruth Wilson is always covered up, I'm the one who always has to get naked!"