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Terri Seymour feels 'so lucky' to be a new mum

Terri Seymour feels 'so lucky' to be a new mum

Terri Seymour feels "so lucky to be a mummy", after being told she may never be able to have children.

The 40-year-old TV presenter is overjoyed to have welcomed daughter Coco - her first child with boyfriend Clark Mallon -into the world six weeks ago because she was diagnosed with systemic lupus when she was 15, and then told she may not be able to have a family of her own after her bowel burst due to peritonitis in her early 20s.

Terri said: "That was a very harsh realisation to face when you're so young. I guess I spent a lot of time throughout my 20s and 30s wondering whether it would even be able to happen. Now I feel so lucky to be a mummy."

While Coco is still only six weeks old, the 'Extra' host admitted that she and Clark are already thinking about whether they want their new daughter to go to school in the UK or the US, where the British couple are currently living and working, following a visit from Terri's mother Margaret and stepfather Allan.

Speaking to Hello magazine, Terri said: "A friend of mine called and told me to put Coco's name down for schools now. I think I definitely want to put her down for a school in the UK.

"Having our family here has really made us think about coming home and how much we are missing them. It was the hardest thing ever to say goodbye to my mum when she left."