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Terrence Howard 'more sensitive' after breast growth

Terrence Howard 'more sensitive' after breast growth

Terrence Howard has become "more sensitive" as his breasts have grown.

The 'Empire' star - who has sons, 15-month-old Qirin, and two-week-old Hero with wife Mira Pak - has called for further education to be given to guys about their boobs after the 47-year-old actor's began expanding after his 45th birthday.

He said: "This is what I'm mad about our education system. They do not tell you when you get to be about 45, don't worry about the boob thing, you're going to grow your own.

"I was a boob man before I started growing my own.

"I realised the larger your boobs get as a man, the more sensitive you become."

While Terrence - who married Mira in 2013 but split with her in 2015 before the couple reconciled - has a newborn baby over to gush over, he also has a penchant for the number nine at the moment.

Speaking on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!', he added: "I like the number nine right now.

"The Pythagoreans believed there were no numbers greater than the number nine.

"It turns out all nature moves with the number nine. So every ninth year, something amazing happens.

"You are either contracting or expanding ... nine is the greatest number there is because that's the number of balance."

Hero's birth saw the 'Iron Man' actor - who also has two daughters and a son from a previous marriage, as well as two grandchildren - become a father for the fifth time.

Following the youngster's birth, Terrence tweeted along with a heart emoji: "Hero being held by Qirin."

He then added: "What else is there beyond the love of family. This is where God was born!"

It has not been announced when the tot was born.