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Teresa Palmer craving air detox spray

Teresa Palmer craving air detox spray

Teresa Palmer has been craving air detox spray.

The 'Point Break' actress is pregnant with her second child and is so obsessed with the Dr Shulze product - which claims to disinfect and purify the air - she has ordered 10 bottles of the substance because she loves to cover her pillows in the smell.

She said: "This is a weird one because it has nothing to do with food! I've been obsessed with smelling Dr Shulze's Air Detox spray!

"I literally have ordered a full box of the spray (10 bottles!). I like to spray all of my pillows with it before bed and just engulf myself in the scent as I fall asleep. It's a mixture of eucalyptus, lime and lemon! Mark thinks it's hilarious and I had the exact same obsession with the same smell first pregnancy! I'm convinced it'll help me throughout labor (sic)"

The 30-year-old star and her two-year-old son Bodhi - who she has with husband Mark Webber - speak to her baby bump every morning and the youngster has even got his impending brother dancing before he has even been born.

In a post on her Your Zen Mama blog, she wrote: "Every morning when I'm lying on my back in bed babe pushes himself all the way to the surface of my belly so I get a big bulge the outline of his butt! Bodhi and I give him a little massage and talk to him. It's become a little routine for all of us.

"Bodhi has been singing the "What does the fox say?" song to the baby in the tummy (Bodhi is SOOO 2014!). He tells me how the baby is dancing to the song and it's his favorite song haha. (sic)"