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Taylor Swift to introduce Tom Hiddleston to parents?

Taylor Swift to introduce Tom Hiddleston to parents?

Taylor Swift wants to introduce Tom Hiddleston to her parents.

The 'Shake It Off' singer embarked on a relationship with 'The Night Manager' actor just two weeks after she split from DJ Calvin Harris but already hopes her new man will meet her family whilst he's visting her in the US.

A source told PEOPLE: "Tom's a very smart, attractive guy with a fun personality... Tom always wants to please Taylor and show her that her friends matter. Taylor likes that about Tom.

"She's single, so of course if a cute guy reaches out who she likes, she would talk to him. There really isn't a better way to get over a breakup!"

Meanwhile, the blonde beauty is hoping the British hunk is "the one".

A source said: "Taylor said she thinks he is the one, as odd and new as it sounds... Taylor was hesitant to get involved so quickly after Adam. But she she felt that Adam was not giving her what she wanted for sometime so she was ready to move on towards the tail end of their relationship anyway."

The lovebirds enjoyed a public date night on Tuesday night (21.06.16) when they joined Taylor's best friend Abigail and her boyfriend Matt at Selena Gomez's concert in Nashville, Tennessee where they were spotted dancing along to the 23-year-old singer's hit track 'Same Old Love'.

The source added: "Taylor invited Tom to go. There was an immediate attraction.... she felt like she was a little school girl with a huge crush. She loves the fact that Tom acts like such a mature man. She loves that he is older. She feels very safe and protected with him. The attraction is very strong. And Tom wants to be with Taylor."

The 26-year-old singer shocked fans across the world when she was spotted smooching Tom, 35, during a romantic walk on Misquamicut beach near her home in Watch Hill, Rhode Island.

The pair stoppped and posed for selfies and enjoyed a kiss whilst sitting on the rocks and the actor even gave his girlfriend his jacket to protect her from the strong winds.

An insider said at the time: "They were all over each other - hugging and kissing - even though there were 20 people coming and going on the beach. They looked like any young couple madly in love without a care in the world ... Tom has been courting Taylor since they met - he sent her flowers. She's been won over."