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Taylor Swift: Jessica Alba has a 'tough vibe'

Taylor Swift: Jessica Alba has a 'tough vibe'

Taylor Swift thinks Jessica Alba has a "tough vibe".

The 'Shake It Off' hitmaker - who recruited the 'Sin City' beauty to star in her 'Bad Blood' video - thinks the actress was perfect for the job.

In a behind-the-scenes clip from the music video which she posted on Instagram, Taylor said: "She's amazing and has that vibe of being tough.

"Best first day we could have possibly had on the shoot!"

And it appears Jessica has transferred that tough nature to business as she previously revealed she has made people cry in the past because she's ''straight to the point".

She shared: "I didn't mean to [make people cry]. It just happens when you're just getting things done and you need to hit a deadline and you need something to be done. And if someone feels like, I don't know, they didn't step up to the plate, sometimes they cry. And I try to tell them it's not a personal thing. It's nothing about you and your character, you just need to get it done so we can still have that deadline.

"It's a reality. You have to hit your deadlines and you have to be professional and you have to go above and beyond when you are launching a company."