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Tamara's daughter is her best friend

Tamara's daughter is her best friend

Tamara Ecclestone's daughter is her best friend.

The 31-year-old socialite is devoted to little Sophia, who turns two later this week, and they spend most of their time together.

Tamara - who is married to Jay Rutland - said: "My daughter Sophia is my best friend, which sounds bizarre because she's not even two yet. We spend so much time together.

"She's just started to say, 'Mumma is my best friend.' "

But Tamara is also very close to her sister Petra Stunt - who has daughter Lavinia, three, and twins James and Andrew, 12 months, with husband James Stunt - and misses her younger sibling when she is out of the UK.

She told Grazia magazine: "When my sister Petra spends time in LA I really miss her and her kids. We spend so much time together in London, so when she's away it's hard."

And the brunette beauty admits she gets upset when people think she isn't a hands-on mother.

Asked the biggest misconception about her, she said: "That I'm really spoiled, don't work hard and have nannies. It used to bother me but everyone who knows me knows what I'm like."