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Take That taking their kids on tour

Take That taking their kids on tour

Take That are creating a back stage "crèche" so they can take their kids on tour with them.

The band - made up of Gary Barlow, Howard Donald and Mark Owen - kick off their tour in Glasgow, Scotland, this evening (27.04.15) and are keen to keep their families close by as they complete the gruelling 42-date schedule throughout Europe.

Gary - who has three children, Daniel, 14, Emily, 12 and Daisy, six, with his wife Dawn - said: "They'll be coming out. We're waiting for school holidays. Half term is coming up in the end of May. We've got a little crèche set up back stage ready for them all."

In addition to the support of the youngsters and Dawn, Gary admitted the group rely on their audience for strength and to keep their spirits high.

He said: "We're playing a lot of live shows this year. I think all in all, maybe doing about seventy shows. There's some nights to be fair that you're getting ready to go on and you're really tired. You may have done three or four shows in a row. And you're thinking, I might not be able to get through this. Then you step on that stage, you hear that noise and that would bring anybody up. I mean it's just the most amazing feeling. They really do help us, support us and keep us strong."

The three-piece band - who bid farewell to former member Jason Orange last year - also credit their "amazing fan base" for helping them to stay relevant.

Howard - who has Grace, 15 and Lola, 10 - told Magic Radio's Nick Snaith: "I think it's a combination of a few things isn't it. I think you've always got to be as good as your last record. Try and go with the flow of the way the music industry is changing.

"I think the fact that we put on big productions for our concerts a swell, you know we want to give our fans value for money. Fortunately for us, we've got an amazing fan base and we seem to be getting right at the moment."

While father of three Mark, who has Elwood, Willow and Fox with his wife Emma Ferguson, puts the band's success down to Gary's exceptional facial hair.

When asked to share the secret behind the band's longevity, he joked:" Gary's beard."