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Sylvester Stallone thinks his life is 'normal'

Sylvester Stallone thinks his life is 'normal'

Sylvester Stallone thinks his life is "unglamorous".

The Oscar-nominated actor, who's starred in a string of Hollywood hits and amassed an enormous personal fortune, thinks that since scrapping his entourage, his life has become much more normal.

He shared: "You'd be surprised how unglamorous, or normal, my life is. My cars get flat tyres, my dogs go to the bathroom on the carpet and my shower doesn't always work.

"I try to walk, to be among people, so I'm not so isolated. And I don't have security any more - I got rid of everyone.

"I had a lot of security and it was affecting me. I was becoming distant. They became the only people I would talk to and that's not real, it's not a real experience.

"If you're paying them, they're going to say what you want to hear. I realised as long as you have to pay people to be around you, then they're not really your buddies."

The 68-year-old star confessed that his Hollywood success caused his ego to become inflated for a period of time.

The 'Rocky' actor told the Daily Mirror newspaper: "The ego thing is something everyone goes through. It happens because you think 'Wow, I finally made it'.

"I'd been swimming upstream for so long and everyone said 'You're never going to make it'. So when you do, you get this sense of elation.

"But sometimes you deal with that a little too demonstrably.

"You buy a gold limo or a 50,000- square-foot house in Miami which I did once! You go a bit too far."

Stallone was speaking to the paper ahead of his appearance in a new ad for Warburton's bakers, which will make its debut on TV tonight.