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Susan Sarandon: I thought I'd never work again after having kids

Susan Sarandon: I thought I'd never work again after having kids

Susan Sarandon didn't think she'd return to acting after having children.

The 69-year-old actress has daughter Eva, 31, from a previous relationship with filmmaker Franco Amurri and sons Miles, 24, and Jack, 27, with her former partner Tim Robbins and she has admitted that after taking time off from acting early on in her career to start a family she didn't plan on going back to work.

And Sarandon never thought she would be still be making movies in her 60s as she only ever saw being a Hollywood star as a "means to and end".

Susan - who was married to Chris Sarandon for 12 years until 1979 - said: "For me, it was always a means to an end, so I took years off to have kids and I thought I would never work again. But somehow I worked again and now I am old, I'm still working."

The 'Mother's Day' star is to become a grandmother for a second time as her daughter Eva - who already has a daughter is expecting a baby son - and she admits that looking after her grandchildren is a lot easier than bringing up her own children as she doesn't have to "worry" about them constantly.

She told The i newspaper: "Being a grandmother is so much easier than being a mother. You don't have that constant worry that's in your mind all the time."

As she approaches her 70th birthday, Sarandon is content with her life achievements and admits the only regrets she has are the things she was too scared to do.

She said: "I find that the only things I have ever regretted are things I haven't done. You can always apologise for making mistakes but when you don't do something that you really felt you wanted to, those are the regrets."