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Suki Waterhouse: I've been 'dark and depressed'

Suki Waterhouse: I've been 'dark and depressed'

Suki Waterhouse gets "dark and depressed".

The 24-year-old model-and-actress is always thankful for the support of her best friend and business partner Poppy Jamie because she is always there to "build her up".

She said:" If I'm in a bad way, Poppy won't let me be dark. When I'm depressed and feeling like a mess, Poppy will say, 'You are not a mess.' We do that a lot, we build each other up."

Suki - who previously dated Bradley Cooper - and TV presenter Poppy, 26, used to live together in Los Angeles and despite their own successes, they admit they are still "in awe" of the Californian city and its famous residents.

Suki said: "We're both still in awe of LA. Having someone to share that with is nice. And the truth is, no one is as 'whatever' as they make out."

Poppy added: "You have to put on a show, like, 'This is normal. This is totally normal' when you're with these incredible directors and actors. And we can run off to the bathroom together and be like, 'No way! He's so good looking.'"

The pair are both currently single and admit they much prefer having fun with their friends than being in relationships.

Poppy said: "I'm so happy that for the last few years I've been single. My girlfriends and I have had the most fun."

Whilst Suki added: "More fun that if we'd had boyfriends and been at home on the couch. Honestly, I don't see many relationships that I'd want to be in."

But the friends are always happy to poke fun at one another.

In a joint interview for Glamour magazine, Suki admitted: "We look at photos from events and Poppy will have a laughter breakdown over what I've worn. She has a favourite photo of the worst outfit she thinks I've ever worn and it kills her every time."