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Steven Moffat: 'Doctor Who will continue forever'

Steven Moffat: 'Doctor Who will continue forever'

Steven Moffat wants 'Doctor Who' to continue forever.

The showrunner says the sci-fi programme is now part of British culture and he hopes it will continue even when he is no longer in charge.

He told BBC Wales: "I think Doctor Who is permanent.

"I think it's part of our culture now - I think like 'Robin Hood', 'King Arthur', 'James Bond', the things that are eternal, there will always be a Doctor for every generation. Long may it continue."

And the current Doctor - Peter Capaldi - admitted that the love fans have for the show makes him feel extremely lucky.

He said: "It's a pretty amazing position to be in. It's lovely to feel the affection that people have for the show."

While Peter - who reprises his role as the titular Time Lord in the upcoming ninth series - revealed he wants David Bowie to appear in the show, he also admitted his hopes that Rolling Stones rocker Keith Richards will guest star.

He said: "David Bowie, he would be a very good one" and "I'd like to see Richards stumbling around the Tardis, knocking out a few chords".