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Steven and Alex Gerrard expecting fourth child

Steven and Alex Gerrard expecting fourth child

Steven and Alex Gerrard are expecting their fourth child.

The blonde beauty - who already has Lilly-Ella, 12, Lexie, 10 and Lourdes, four, with the soccer star - took to social media on Friday (28.10.16) to reveal she is pregnant.

Writing on Twitter, she shared: "We are all very excited for our new baby to arrive next year!! number 4 ...Thank you to everyone for all your lovely messages! (sic)"

Meanwhile, Alex and Steven have moved to Los Angeles for Steven's footballing commitments and whilst Alex was really looking forward to it, the same couldn't be said about Lilly-Ella's enthusiasm.

Speaking before they made the big move, Steven is looking forward to coming out here. He hasn't been here before, so I have been FaceTiming him as I've been going around. I've shown him everywhere ... He has an 18-month deal, but I hope he gets it extended because it's great here. I'd love to stay here longer. It's so different to ­Liverpool, but I think we'll be really happy.

"Lilly's like, 'Oh no, I don't want to go, I don't want to leave my friends'. It's been a bit difficult trying to persuade her, but once she's here I'm sure she'll love it, I know she will. The others are really excited. They can't wait. I've been calling them to tell them all about it. There's so much for them to do."

However, Alex found it difficult to pick the perfect family home for her and her children.

She added at the time: "We're going to live in Beverly Hills. But house hunting has been really hard. The houses are so beautiful. I wish I could find one I didn't like. You walk in them and you're like, 'Wow, this is amazing.' I think we might rent to start with."