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Stephen Fry: Twitter is a 'stagnant pool'

Stephen Fry: Twitter is a 'stagnant pool'

Stephen Fry has likened Twitter to a "stagnant pool" full of "broken glass, sharp rocks and slimy rubbish".

The 58-year-old comedian - who opted to deactivate his account on the micro blogging site over criticism for calling Jenny Beavan a "bag lady" at last night's (14.02.16) BAFTAs - has taken to his blog to slam the users on the social media site for ruining "fun".

In a lengthy post, he wrote: "It's no big deal - as it shouldn't be. But yes, for anyone interested I have indeed deactivated my twitter account ... I like to believe I haven't slammed the door, much less stalked off in a huff throwing my toys out of the pram as I go or however one should phrase it. It's quite simple really: the room had started to smell. Really quite bad.

"Oh goodness, what fun twitter was in the early days, a secret bathing-pool in a magical glade in an enchanted forest ... But now the pool is stagnant. It is frothy with scum, clogged with weeds and littered with broken glass, sharp rocks and slimy rubbish ... The fun is over."

And Stephen admits all he feels is "relief" since departing the site.

He added: "But Stephen, these foul people are a minority! Indeed they are ... With Twitter, for me at least, the tipping point has been reached and the pollution of the service is now just too much.

"But you've let the trolls and nasties win! If everyone did what you did, Stephen, the slab-faced dictators of tone and humour would have the place to themselves. Well, yes and they're welcome to it ... So I don't feel anything today other than massive relief, like a boulder rolling off my chest. I am free, free at last."