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Stephen Fry to quit UK for US

Stephen Fry to quit UK for US

Stephen Fry is quitting the UK to live in America.

The 58-year-old actor-and-writer has revealed he is "applying for a green card", which is the legal process for hopeful candidates to become a lawful and permanent resident of the United States, and will move with his husband Elliott Spencer.

Stephen told The Sun newspaper: "We're moving to Los Angeles and I'm applying for a green card. We're excited about having a new base."

The news comes following the backlash the Englishman received on Twitter after his stint as BAFTA host on Sunday (14.02.16) during which he made a gag at the expense of his friend Jenny Beavan - calling her a "bag lady" - as she collected her award for Costume Design for her work on 'Mad Max: Fury Road'.

Fry went on to the social networking site to inform the irate web mob that he and Beavan are old friends and she was in on the joke, but after his explanation fell on deaf ears he quit the social networking site.

Then, on Monday afternoon in a lengthy blog post, he explained why he decided to quit insisting that he hadn't thrown his "toys out of the pram" and lamented over the loss of 'fun' on Twitter.

He then used a quote made famous by civil rights leader, Martin Luther King Jr: "I am free, free at last".

Stephen married his partner Elliot, 28, who is a comedian, last year and the couple currently live in Norfolk, England.