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Stephen Fry considered suicide in the '90s

Stephen Fry considered suicide in the '90s

Stephen Fry contemplated committing suicide 20 years ago.

The 58-year-old entertainer sparked concerns for his mental health in 1995 after he vanished three days into the run of his West End production of 'Cell Mates' at the Albery Theatre - known now as the Noël Coward Theatre - in London, but he has now admitted if he hadn't have gone awol for that short period then he would have killed himself.

The television host, who ran off to Belgium, recalled the ordeal in his forthcoming documentary Stephen Fry: A Life on Screen': "My luck began to fizzle out. I just couldn't take being in the play, or being in London. I saw rows of newspaper headlines, 'Fears for Fry' type thing. And I stared at it in complete disbelief. They all are worried that I've committed suicide. That's the awful thing.

"I can't believe I worried people so much. When you feel you can't go on, it's not just a phase, it is a reality. And I would have killed myself if I didn't have the option of disappearing."

And that isn't the first time Stephen, who has Bipolar disorder, has considered ending his life as he also attempted it in 2012 when he took a mixture of pills while filming his documentary 'Stephen Fry - Out There' abroad.

Meanwhile, 'Stephen Fry: A Life on Screen' will hit television screens in the UK tonight (29.12.15) at 9pm on BBC Two.