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Stephen Baldwin: Hailey and Justin Bieber are 'just friends'

Stephen Baldwin: Hailey and Justin Bieber are 'just friends'

Hailey Baldwin's father insists she and Justin Bieber are "just friends".

The 19-year-old model's relationship with the singer is believed to have turned romantic in recent weeks, and though her dad Stephen Baldwin would approve of the 'Sorry' hitmaker being her boyfriend, he doesn't think it's right to label their bond.

Asked if he approves of Justin dating his daughter, he said: "Absolutely - but there's no label on it, just friends.

"Mr. Bieber is a wonderful young man, hugely talented, got a lot more success ahead of him."

And the 49-year-old actor insisted the couple are "far away" from being at a point where they consider marriage.

Asked if he would want Justin to do things in the traditional way and ask him for Hailey's hand, Stephen laughed and told TMZ: "We're far away from that."

It was recently claimed both Hailey and Justin's families support their friendship turning romantic.

A source said: "Hailey and Justin have a very tight relationship. They both are very close with each other's families and care very deeply about each other.

"Hailey's family has been there and supported Justin through his transition so Justin has a strong respect for them.

"Both of their families love them together."