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Stephanie Davis tries to break down door on CBB

Stephanie Davis tries to break down door on CBB

Security men stepped in when Stephanie Davis tried to break down a door on 'Celebrity Big Brother' on Thursday night's show (28.01.16).

The former 'Hollyoaks' actress became enraged after a fight with Danniella Westbrook, who told Stephanie she would "never work again" off the back of the reality television show.

Despite the rest of Danniella's comments, it was this one that really caused Stephanie to become irate.

She marched to the Diary Room and demanded that Big Brother let her see her beau Jeremy McConnell, who was in the detox room as part of this week's task.

When Big Brother told her to calm down and sit in the chair, Stephanie opted to take matters into her own hands and hit the fire alarm - causing the door to open.

She then started viciously pulling the handle of the door to the detox room, shouting through the door to Jeremy to let her in.

At that point, a security man emerged from the Diary Room and told Stephanie to calm down.

Instead she shouted at him: "I want to see Jez. I'm seeing Jez and I'm leaving ... I'm not staying!"

Big Brother then opted to let Stephanie into the detox room, so she could talk to Jeremy about the situation.

The security guard accompanied her into the room, at which point Stephanie grabbed Jeremy and asked to talk to him in the toilet.

She said: "Danniella is an evil f***ing cow. I want to go now. I don't want to do this anymore. I don't even care about the money. I just want to be with you, Jez. I don't want to stay. I'm not staying tonight. They're not going to talk me back into it again."

Jeremy then went with Stephanie to the Diary Room after deciding that if she left, he would go with her.

Stephanie told Big Brother: "I'm leaving tonight so either do it or don't do it. I'm not staying in this house anymore with k**b heads like that. I'm sick of explaining and proving who I am."

After a long talk with Big Brother, Stephanie and Jeremy decided to spend the night in the detox room and see how they felt about the situation in the morning.

Still emotional and struggling to hold back her tears, Stephanie told Jeremy: "I f***ing hate this house, it's the worst thing I ever did. I just want to go back to my dog. My life has been turned upside down by this show. What is this life?"