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Stephanie Davis spoke to her late grandad about her pregnancy

Stephanie Davis spoke to her late grandad about her pregnancy

Stephanie Davis' late grandad spoke to the actress from beyond the grave to tell her the sex of her unborn baby.

The former 'Hollyoaks' star - who is pregnant with her first child - turned to top medium Sandrea Mosses for an emotional spiritual session in which she apparently reconnected with her deceased grandad.

Sandrea claims she didn't know who Steph was prior to their encounter and wasn't even aware that she is pregnant, saying: "I couldn't see a baby bump."

However, she claims to have learnt about Steph's impending birth from her late grandad.

Sandrea told The Sun Online: "Her grandad told me.

"There was such happiness from her grandad, her mum and from Steph.

"I don't really want to say about the sex, because I don't want to break her confidence, but yes [the grandad] did give a clear indication and yes, I am sure."

Sandrea also said it will "all come together" for Steph, who has previously claimed Jez McConnell was the father of her unborn child.

She explained: "Steph just laughed when I told her - I think her grandad brought a lot of comfort through for her.

"He talked about lots of different things. he talked about her future and how bright things seemed for her.

"The baby being fine was the main focus.

"It's absolutely happy and healthy.

"She's looking forward to having the baby without a doubt."

Sandrea also insisted that in spite of Steph's recent high-profile struggles, the 23-year-old actress will turn out to be a good mother.

Sandrea shared: "She's looking forward to being a mother - she will be a very good mum and have a lot of support from her own family.

"It's going to all come together."