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Stephanie Davis slams 'cheating' Sam Reece

Stephanie Davis slams 'cheating' Sam Reece

Stephanie Davis has accused Sam Reece of cheating on her.

The 'Hollyoaks' actress was slammed for cheating on Sam with Irish model Jeremy McConnell while on 'Celebrity Big Brother' but after finishing runner up on the show on Friday (05.02.16), Stephanie insisted that she never would have gotten together with Jeremy if things were perfect with Sam.

Speaking about getting booed on exiting the house, she said: "I know a lot of it has to do with what happened with Jez. At the end of the day I'm only a human being but if everything was ok at home that wouldn't have happened and I love him to bits.

"Sam broke my heart and he knows that and I stayed with him even though I shouldn't have. And Jeremy just made me feel like I never have before and he made me feel a sense of worth.

"I think before I met him I was in love with the idea of being in love and stayed with someone who hurt me and hurt me and hurt me. I am the most loyal person ever, I would never look the other way. Sam had already cheated. I just had to be honest with myself and put myself first."

Stephanie was spotted cuddling with Jeremy after her interview but admitted she didn't know what would happen with their relationship outside of 'CBB'.

She said: "Jez might be like, oh no I just want to stay friends. If Big Brother has taught me anything, it's expect the unexpected. I might to Dublin to see how it goes.

"I've never been truly loved before, I've never had someone love me for being me. I saw Jeremy and thought Oh crap, I'm taken but as it went on I feel more and more for him."

But winner Scotty T insisted the pair were crazy about each other all along.

He said: "They are a good couple, they were so mad for each other that they didn't care what anyone said. They couldn't stay away from each other."