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Stephanie Davis 'no longer supported' by boyfriend on Celebrity Big Brother

Stephanie Davis 'no longer supported' by boyfriend on Celebrity Big Brother

Stephanie Davis' boyfriend Sam Reece is "no longer supporting" her on 'Celebrity Big Brother'.

The 'Hollyoaks' actress has been causing controversy by getting up close and personal with model Jeremy McConnell during her time in the house.

But as he watched the latest episode on Monday night (11.0.16), Stephanie's beau Sam took to Twitter to express his sadness over her behavior.

He tweeted: "Hi everyone, I will no longer be supporting Stephanie Davis... Thanks for all your support and love you have given me!!"

He then proceeded to retweet a series of messages from fans reaussring him that he'd done the right thing.

Sam's tweet came after Stephanie was seen getting emotional in the Diary Room talking about her boyfriend and worrying about what he'd make of her friendship with Jeremy.

A teary Stephanie said: "I want Sam. I love him and so much and I just want to see him. I just don't want Sam to be mugged off on the outside because I know Jeremy likes us, but he's my best friend in here and I couldn't be without him and we have a laugh. But I would be devastated if... I keep thinking about Sam being sad. I've not done anything but I'm just worried in case people try and say stuff when it's not like that.

"Just because Sam fancies us, and I've spoken to him a few times and he said he can't wait to meet Sam but then he still keeps kissing us on the shoulder and that. But I know, he keeps looking at me like he's in love with me. If Justin Bieber got down on one knee and proposed to me I'd say no, I love Sam that much. And I love Justin Bieber."

Jeremy was later in the Diary Room, telling Big Brother about his feelings towards Stephanie.

He said: "I don't want to look like a homewrecker. She's a gorgeous girl, we have a laugh. Of course I flirt with the girl. I know if I'm in the house any longer it's going to get worse - my head's messed up."

When Big Brother asked Jeremy if he and Stephanie were more than friends, he replied: "Of course it's more than friends. It's obvious."