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Stephanie Davis is moving on from Jeremy McConnell

Stephanie Davis is moving on from Jeremy McConnell

Stephanie Davis is "moving on" after split with Jeremy McConnell.

The 23-year-old former 'Hollyoaks' actress - who began a tumultuous relationship with the Irish model during this year's 'Celebrity Big Brother' - has admitted she "sacrificed" everything for her romance with Jeremy, 26, and has publicly announced she is now taking the time to focus on herself.

Speaking on the Irish radio show SPIN 1038 on Saturday (07.05.16), the blonde beauty - who is set to return to her former brunette hair colour later this week during a trip to Ireland - said: "I'm moving on now. I have always put him first.

"I sacrificed everything for love. This only happened last night so it is really raw ... You have to give up and walk away at some point.

"I'm getting back to myself again, putting myself first again and having a good time."

The couple broke up this week after Stephanie revealed her former beau had exchanged private messages with model Mia Portman.

Following the pair's split the tattoo covered heartthrob swiftly contacted the former 'Geordie Shore' star Vicky Pattison over social media, although Stephanie understands why he did it.

Speaking about Jeremy's heartless action, she said: "Half an hour after we split up he was tweeting Vicky Pattison. I've stood by him through everything and there's been a lot of accusations ... In a weird way it is out of love. He loved me that much he is trying to hurt me, trying to get a reaction out of me. It's heart breaking."

And Stephanie has since been informed of more alleged cheating rumours.

Talking about further claims Jeremy has been unfaithful, she said: "I have been sent more [messages]. He swore that they weren't true so I've obviously believed him. But I have had the wool pulled over my eyes."

Despite the numerous rows, which has seen the couple endure a number of break ups and make-ups, Stephanie has admitted she is still infatuated with the lothario.

She said: "It's hurtful, if anyone that knows me knows I love Jeremy and I wouldn't hurt him.

"I tried and tried and tried. I am the biggest believer in love. He pushes everyone away.

"I am still in love with him and I'll never stop. It's messed with my head."

Meanwhile Stephanie feels completely isolated, after she fell out with her family following the whirlwind romance, and she has not returned home in six months.

She said: "I just feel like I've got no one, it's really sad. The only person was Jez."