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Spy Felicity Jones

Spy Felicity Jones

Felicity Jones felt like a "spy" keeping the secret of 'Rogue One: A Star Wars Story'.

The 33-year-old actress stars as Jyn Erso in the hotly anticipated movie and admits she found it tricky to keep the closely guarded secrets of the film to herself.

She said: "You end up feeling like you're a spy or something.

"You have to be really secretive. Your friends and family ask whether you had a nice day today, and all you can say is, 'Yep! I have no follow-up to that so don't ask me!' It's really hard though. It's so exciting that I really wanted to talk about it. But the stream of consciousness has to be monitored."

One thing that has been revealed about the upcoming movie is Felicity's iconic line - 'may the force be with you' - and it was something she practiced time and time again to make sure it was perfect.

She told Little White Lies magazine: "It's one of those lines that's like, 'To be or not to be'. You've got to get it right or else you're going to feel really stupid.

"I spent a lot of time just walking around my house, repeating it over and over. I'd be ironing and just saying it again and again. Trying different pauses and intonations for different effect. But then when the cameras were rolling and I actually said it, I totally just channelled the Force."

Meanwhile, Felicity previously admitted she did kung fu every day in preparation for her role in the science fiction movie.

She said: "I've never done this level of physical preparation for something before.

"Particularly for 'Rogue One', where I was training every day and doing kung fu rehearsals on a daily basis. But that's part of the reason why I wanted to do it, because it was very different from what I'd done before."