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Sophie Turner's Game of Thrones fear

Sophie Turner's Game of Thrones fear

Sophie Turner is "terrified" of being killed off on 'Game of Thrones'.

The 20-year-old actress has portrayed Sansa Stark in all six series of the fantasy drama and admits she is constantly anxious about the fate of her alter ego.

She admitted: "Oh my God, I'm so terrified [Sansa will die]."

And her fears are shared by all her co-stars.

Asked if it is a concern for everyone, she told America's GQ magazine: "Yes, oh my God. Yeah. It's crazy. Almost every day we're on set we're like, 'Who do you think is gonna go next?'

"It's almost like living in the 'Blair Witch Project'."

Sophie admitted death has become so commonplace on the show, they no longer stage leaving parties in the way they used to.

She said: "There's always a lot of drinks at the bar. But by now we're so used to it. We used to have big things when other people died. But there's so many people who die now, we're like, 'Can't really afford it, man. We've been out every night.' "

While Sophie has had some tough emotional scenes on the show, she can't help but envy her younger co-star Maisie Williams, who plays her sister and would-be assassin Arya Stark.

She said: "The past five seasons, when Maisie is getting to run around with swords and in trousers and stuff, I'm just like, 'Gah. Man that looks like so much fun!'

"But Sansa's never gonna be doing that. Her weapon is her mind. Her intellect. She's a sharp one."

And the British star mocked the emotional state of her character.

She said: "All I do is sit and cry. That's, like, my thing. Trademark it."