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Solange Knowles: I'm proud of Beyoncé

Solange Knowles: I'm proud of Beyoncé

Solange Knowles is "really proud" of her sister Beyoncé.

The 30-year-old singer comes from a talented family, but she insists there's no competition between her and the 'Halo' hitmaker, and she's "always been" proud of her 35-year-old sibling.

Speaking to The Fader magazine, the 'Losing You' singer said: "I'm really proud of my sister and I'm really proud of her record and her work and I've always been."

And whilst Solange admits that there are similarities between her new record 'A Seat at the Table' and Beyoncé's 'Lemonade', she says it can hardly be avoided when they grew up around the same influences.

She said: "We have the same mother and the same father. We grew up in the same household, and so we had and heard the same conversations. It shouldn't be surprising that two people who grew up in the same household with the same parents who are very, very aware -- just like everyone else is -- of all of the inequalities and the pain and suffering of our people right now, would create art that reflects that."

The 'Sandcastle Disco' singer also acknowledged that one of her biggest influences - and indeed a large influence for Beyoncé - was their father Mathew Knowles, who went through a tough time in his childhood because of the colour of his skin.

She said: "I give so much of that credit to my parents. My dad had a really, really, really hell of a tough time growing up. He integrated both his junior high school and his elementary school, and he also decided in the midst of that -- outside of them spitting on him and hosing him down and tasering him and all of the horrific things that he went through -- that he was still going to stand for equality."