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Sofia Vergara won't have kids naturally

Sofia Vergara won't have kids naturally

Sofia Vergara accepts she is unlikely to have children "naturally".

The 43-year-old actress - who already has son Manolo, 23, with ex-husband Joe Gonzalez - isn't too worried about having kids with spouse Joe Manganiello but admits they will probably need to have fertility treatment if they do decide to start a family.

She told Harper's Bazaar Arabia magazine: "I cannot just expect anything natural anymore.

"We'll see what happens. It's not something that doesn't let us sleep. But it's not something I am completely opposed to."

The 'Modern Family' actress is incredibly grateful that Manolo was always such a good child as he made life as a working single parent so much easier.

She said: "I was a single mom for a long time and he always supported and helped me, made it easy to be able to work.

"I never had to worry about him. When you have a problem all the time, you are unable to be creative and think. As a single mother, I was able to do everything I wanted to do."

Sofia previously admitted that having children with 39-year-old Joe - who she wed last November - wasn't a priority in their relationship.

She said: "When you're with somebody that hasn't had kids, and you want to start a relationship, of course there's always that question.

"And if it happens, it will be something that will make us very happy, but it's not a priority in our lives."