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Snooki: I want to open a winery

Snooki: I want to open a winery

Snooki wants to open a winery in New Jersey.

The mother-of-two became known for her love of alcohol during her time on MTV reality show 'Jersey Shore'.

And the 28-year-old television star, whose real name is Nicole LaValle, revealed her lifetime goal is to turn that passion for alcohol into a viable business plan.

Snooki said: "My goal and is to open a winery in new jersey but that's like when I'm like 40, once everything calms down and I can open my own business, I want to open my own winery."

She made the admission as she appeared on her 'Moms with Attitude' video series with best friend Jenni 'JWoww' Farley.

And Jenni also opened up about her hopes for the future.

She said: "That's funny because one of my goals in life is to open up an animal sanctuary."

Snooki joked: "Maybe we could have my winery next to your animal sanctuary - so we could get drunk and then go and play with the animals!" to which Jenni replied: "I kind of love it!"

The reality pair were speaking about five things their fans don't know about them.

Jenni revealed that she once had a dream for the future - to be an animator.

She said: "I wanted to work desperately for Dreamworks animation!"

Snooki added: "She wanted to be like Walt Disney. She's a really good drawer - you guys might not know that!"