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Sir Cliff Richard reaffirms innocence

Sir Cliff Richard reaffirms innocence

Sir Cliff Richard is confident that he will be cleared again following a review of historical sex abuse allegations against him.

Just two months after the case was thrown out when the court felt there was "insufficient evidence" to charge him, the Crown Prosecution Service confirmed the case is being revisited after a complainant requested a review.

His spokesperson said: "Sir Cliff reaffirms his innocence and has every confidence the CPS will once again come to the right conclusion. He trusts that they will also do so as soon as possible. Just three days ago Sir Cliff was informed a complainant has requested a review of the CPS's decision. When a person is told that their complaint is not going to be the subject of any further action they are also told that they have the right to ask for a review. We understand that it is not unusual for this to happen."

And a friend of Cliff's insisted that the 75-year-old star will "not be broken by this".

The insider told the Daily Mirror: "He won't let this break him. He's spoken of his innocence, he knows in his heart of hearts that he has been honest and told the truth. He waited two years and that did almost break him, but once the police said there was no case it was a complete relief and a release for him.

"It was total relief and he won't be broken by this.

"But it's absolutely ridiculous that he has to go through it. It's a waste of police time. It's the plight of fame, people can come up and say anything. It's awful that he even has to think about it."

Cliff's life was turned upside in 2014 when police stormed his house in Sunningdale, Berkshire, after four men claimed they were victims of sex abuse between 1958 and 1983.

The legendary singer has always denied the allegations but the lengthy investigation went on for 22 months.

However, it took prosecutors just one month to consider the allegations before rejecting them in June this year.