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Sir Cliff Richard is 'pleased' he is cleared of all sex abuse allegations

Sir Cliff Richard is 'pleased' he is cleared of all sex abuse allegations

Sir Cliff Richard is "pleased" he has been cleared of all sex abuse allegations.

The 75-year-old singer songwriter's ongoing court case, which he has been battling against for over two years after the South Yorkshire police raided his Berkshire mansion on live television without permission, has been completely shut down and the 'Devil Woman' hitmaker is relieved he has been proved "innocent".

The star - who has never been charged or arrested - said: "As I have said previously, I'm innocent, so I'm obviously pleased with today's decision.

"I hope it brings this matter to a close."

Although Cliff's case was thrown out earlier this year when the court felt there was "insufficient evidence" to charge him, the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) had subsequently received two further accusations against the British star after a second alleged victim - who claimed he had been assaulted by the British star - requested the case to be re-visited.

Cliff has since had to endure a painstakingly long four-week wait to allow the CPS to consider two appeals under the Victims' Right To Review scheme, the case has been dropped.

A CPS spokesperson has explained: "In accordance with the scheme, a CPS lawyer who was not involved in the original decision making process has completed a full review of the evidence and has concluded that the decisions not to charge were correct."

Although Cliff will not be charged of any misconduct, the 'Summer Holiday' actor believes his reputation has been tarnished.

However friends of Cliff urge him to "move on" and focus on creating successful hit records.

A source told the Daily Mirror newspaper: "There was no case to answer, it was rubbish. It's great news it has been dropped and rightfully so. It was people just trying to get money.

"This has been hanging over Cliff for a long time now and it will be an immense relief for him that the case is closed.

"It's been a tough time for him, but he didn't allow it to affect his health like it did before ... Now he is just focusing on his new album.

"It's finally time for him to move on."