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Sinitta not surprised by Zayn Malik leaving tour

Sinitta not surprised by Zayn Malik leaving tour

Sinitta isn't surprised Zayn Malik had to take a break from the One Direction tour.

The 'Night Changes' hitmaker returned to the United Kingdom after being "signed off for stress" following media speculation about his personal life and Sinitta - who regularly appears on the talent show which founded the band - thinks the group's "non-stop" schedule is partly to blame.

Speaking to BANG Showbiz at the London premiere of 'Cinderella', she said: "All I know is that the guys have worked non-stop, tirelessly since they left the show. You know, it's got to build up.

"You see a lot of young artists go and do that. They go and go and go and go, and you've got your youth and adrenaline to run on, sometimes you just need a break."

Despite understanding the 22-year-old singer needs some time away from the touring commitments of the group, - which also features Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Niall Horan and Louis Tomlinson - the 51-year-old singer believes the pop star should enjoy life more whilst he's young.

She said: "I would strike while the iron is hot. You're not young very long. You're a long time old."

When asked if she had a message for Zayn, she added: "We love you, Zayn - get well soon."

Zayn has been at the centre of much media speculation recently after he was photographed partying with a female fan in Phuket, Thailand.