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Sinitta explains how Simon Cowell changed her age

Sinitta explains how Simon Cowell changed her age

Simon Cowell has altered Sinitta's age on Wikipedia.

The pop star says that contrary to her page on the popular website, she is 47 and not 52 - the number she claims the music mogul changed it to in order to provoke her.

She said: "I'm not in my 50s! That's just what it says on my Wikipedia page. I'm 47. Look, I'll show you my passport. (Sinitta finds her passport and shows the date.) How old will I be on my next birthday?

"That's right, 48. Simon Cowell went in and altered my Wikipedia page."

But rather than fighting Simon's antics, Sinitta - a long-time friend of the star - has simply learned to embrace it.

However, the pop singer also warned that at some stage, she will exact some revenge against Simon, 56.

She told the Sunday Mirror magazine: "He's just horrible, and he loves it! This year I'll probably get some big cake saying Happy 65th.

"At first I was traumatised, but now people say 'you look good for 55', and I say thank you. I've been invited to do a campaign for pensioners. I'm going to do it! I don't care."

Meanwhile, Sinitta said that although she is envious of Simon's wealth, she feels fortunate that she doesn't live her own life under the same level of scrutiny.

She said: "I'd like his wealth. I'd like my level of fame and Simon's wealth. No crazy people climbing through my window in the middle of the night. I get asked for selfies, but if I've got my sunglasses and baseball cap on then that's my armour."

She also said she's given up on her ambition to appear as a judge alongside Simon on the British version of 'The X Factor'.

Sinitta explained: "I used to harass him all year round to make me a judge. But I've exhausted myself, and don't ask any more."