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Sinead O'Connor 'found safe and well'

Sinead O'Connor 'found safe and well'

Sinead O'Connor has been found "safe and well".

The 49-year-old singer was reported missing on Monday (16.05.16) in Wilmette, a suburb about 15 miles north of Chicago, after failing to return from a bike ride at 6am the day before but has now been found.

A message on the Wilmette Beacon's Twitter page read: "Breaking News from Wilmette Police: Sinead O'Connor has been located. She is safe and is no longer listed s a missing/ endangered person (sic)."

A second tweet added: "Sources told The Beacon that Sinead O'Connor has been staying with friends in Wilmette for several weeks (sic)."

WGN reported that Sinead was "located at a nearby hotel, and has been taken to a local hospital".

Sinead was reportedly found at 1.45pm local time on Monday.

The news that Sinead was missing was announced in a press release from the Wilmette Police on Monday.

The release said: "The Wilmette Police is seeking to check the well-being of Sinead O'Connor. O'Connor reportedly left the Wilmette area for a bicycle ride yesterday at 6:00AM and has not returned. A caller has expressed concern for her well-being and no other information is available at this time."

Wilmette Police Chief Brian King said Sinead was riding a Raleigh motorised bicycle with a pink basket, and was last seen wearing a black parka, black leather pants and a sweatshirt with 'Ireland' written on it.

Before she disappeared on Sunday, Sinead posted a message online directed at her oldest son Jake Reynolds about her other son Shane, 12, who has been placed with TULSA child services agency in Ireland.

She wrote: "Jake, kindly go to the court on Tuesday and take custody your brother from Tusla. My lawyer will be making the illegal way yourself and Donal got him into Tusla (lying to the cops etc) known to the judge,' wrote O'Connor.

"Expect to be in trouble. In fact you'd best bring a lawyer of your own. And do not abandon your brother or any other of my babies again. What you have done to your brother and your mother is LITERALLY criminal (sic)."

The Donal she refers to is believed to be Shane's father Donal Lunny.

And just days before that, she posted an emotional message to Shane, which read: "Baby, I've been trying to get you out of care but Tusla are being monsters. I have to back off because they are hurting me so badly I get unwell again if I go near them.'

"The best thing I can do is advise you get a solicitor of your own which you are now entitled to because you are 12 and bring a case of your own against Tusla, under the Children's rights clauses of the constitution (sic)."