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Simon Cowell wants to sign Cruz Beckham to record label

Simon Cowell wants to sign Cruz Beckham to record label

Simon Cowell wants to sign Cruz Beckham to his record label.

The music mogul was hugely impressed by the 11-year-old son of David and Victoria Beckham when he met him previously and would love to guide the aspiring musician's career.

He told The Sun: "Get him in and we'll sign him.

"I met them when they were younger and I have to say they are really incredible kids.

"They could have been really spoilt but they weren't - they were really funny when they came down to one of the shows.

"I know the Beckhams get criticised for being in the public eye but if you're in the public eye your kids are going to be too."

Cruz - who has two brothers Brookyln, 17, and Romeo, 13, as well as a sister, four-year-old Harper - also recently caught the attention of Justin Bieber's manager Scooter Braun after a clip of him singing went viral after Victoria posted it on Instagram.

And he recently started learning how to play the guitar in a bid for pop stardom.

A source previously said: "Cruz has a natural affinity with music and he's been desperate to learn the guitar. He's had lessons for months and is constantly strumming away, singing along.

"Obviously he still has far to go, but there's certainly potential there.

"He's got a natural stage presence."

Fashion designer Victoria, 41, has expressed her pride in her children, saying that they are "hard-working" and that she couldn't ask for more.

She said: "You don't have a rule book when you have a child. You just do the best that you can and I think the kids are doing a pretty good job.

"They're well-mannered, hard-working, they're fun and they're happy kids. So what more can you ask for?"