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Sia takes singing tips from Adele

Sia takes singing tips from Adele

Sia has been taking career advice from Adele.

The 39-year-old star has revealed she struggles to get her live performances to match her audio recordings - but she's been taking tips from the London-born singer to get round the problem.

She shared: "I can't sing any of my songs in the key I originally recorded them in.

"I don't know how those kids on 'The X Factor' do it - it's crazy how they hit the high notes.

"Adele gave me a great tip if I ever tour my songs - before hitting the high notes I'll turn the microphone on the audience and let them do it!"

The Australian singer also revealed that her hit track, 'Alive', was originally written for Adele's new album '25', but it didn't make the final cut.

She said too, that it was rejected by Rihanna.

Sia told 'The Graham Norton Show': "We were writing it for her new album but it didn't fit with the other tracks so she rejected it.

"I sent it to Rihanna's people and they rejected it, but in the meantime everyone said I should do it myself."