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Sheridan Smith's concerned friends

Sheridan Smith's concerned friends

Sheridan Smith's friends have urged the actress to "get some help".

The 34-year-old star - whose beloved father Colin was diagnosed with cancer earlier this year - has worried close pals after becoming increasingly isolated over the past few months.

Sheridan has also been forced to defend herself amid claims she was recently drunk on stage while performing in West End musical 'Funny Girl', with the performance subsequently cancelled due to "technical difficulties", and she has pulled out of two performances of the show this week alone.

One friend told the Daily Mirror: "Her dad's diagnosis was a bolt from the blue. She is trying to be strong but she isn't answering her phone, and has cocooned herself away from lots of her mates.

"We want her to get the help she needs - that anyone would need under the circumstances."

Another pal added: "Friends have offered to be there for her during this difficult period.

"People want to wrap her up and look after her. A close circle of friends have seen a change in her and know she's vulnerable."

And Sheridan was believed to have been upset by BAFTA host Graham Norton mocking her on-stage at the awards on Sunday (08.05.16) when he said: "Let's get things started because the sooner we get started, the sooner we can have a couple of drinks, or as they say in theatrical circles, a couple of glasses of technical difficulties."

However, other friends have rushed to defend her, with Will Mellor insisting she is handling her fame well.

He said: "I think anybody would be finding it hard if you come from one place and then next minute you are the lead actress in the country.

"This is how it's been for Sheridan for the last couple of years; it would be tough for anybody to deal with that pressure.

"Nobody teaches you how to deal with it. All sorts of pressures come with expectation. But I think she's dealing with it well."