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Shay Mitchell: It wasn't easy kissing Nick Jonas

Shay Mitchell: It wasn't easy kissing Nick Jonas

Shay Mitchell says it wasn't as easy as it looked kissing Nick Jonas.

The 'Pretty Little Liars' star locked lips with the 'Jealous' hitmaker for his 'Under You' music video but insists it wasn't as "sexy" filming it as people think it would have been.

She told SELF magazine: "We filmed it a year ago. His team called my team asking if I was interested, and of course I wanted to hear the song first. I loved it, as I do his whole album, and he sort of explained the concept to me. It was going to be Bond meets Drive, and I love that whole idea. For me, being an actor, it's really fun to be able to play different roles, so to be able to play this sort of femme fatale was something that I was really looking forward to.

"The shower scene, I don't know if it was really spoken about in depth as far as how much we'd be into it. So that was a little bit of a surprise, but it was with Nick, and I mean hello, not that bad. It was great, we had such a fun time. But I had done stunts on PLL the night before so my legs were black and blue. My makeup artist that day was amazing at covering it up, but that shower scene was hard because my lashes were coming off, they're trying to cover up my bruises, and I'm trying to make out while looking sexy. It looks great, but shooting it is a whole different story."

And the 29-year-old actress has a foolproof plan if she ever wanted to put men off from kissing her - wearing bright lipsticks.

She said previously: "I love a beautiful pop of colour [on the lips]. Guys don't like it because it's not as kissable, and they're worried about getting it on their lips. But the guy that I date wouldn't be worried if I had lipstick on or not."