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Sharon Osbourne: I'm on my third face

Sharon Osbourne: I'm on my third face

Sharon Osbourne has joked she's "on her third face".

The 'X Factor' judge opened up about the work she has had done and revealed she's had at least three rounds of surgery on her face to keep her looking young.

Speaking on her show, 'The Talk', the 63-year-old star - who has Jack, 30, and daughters Aimee, 32, and Kelly, 31, with her husband Ozzy - was asked by show host, Julie Chen: "In what ways do you think women get more beautiful as they get older?"

And Sharon said she feels that while you get "more beautiful" inside, you get more wrinkles.

She replied: "It is wisdom, strength. I think you get more beautiful on the inside and your aura is more beautiful, but definitely you get more wrinkles with that beauty. I mean, come on."

However, Julie was quick to tell Sharon that she is in her prime and looks great on the outside.

She added: "No, no, no, you look the best you have ever looked in your life."

The TV personality wasn't having any of it and laughed: "Well, I've got my third face right now. Face three and counting."

The red-haired beauty has been vocal about having work done on her face in the past, but she doesn't like people calling her "puffy".

She previously said: "Puffy? I don't pay all this money for them to say [I look] 'puffy'.

"How dare they? They can say 'line-free' but never 'puffy.'"