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Sharon Osbourne claims Mick Jagger has 'wrinkly genitalia'

Sharon Osbourne claims Mick Jagger has 'wrinkly genitalia'

Sharon Osbourne claims Mick Jagger has "wrinkly genitalia."

The 63-year-old star has appeared to slam the 73-year-old Rolling Stones frontman - who is expecting a child with his girlfriend Melanie Hamrick - by criticising his manhood.

Commenting on the news that Mick is set to welcome his eighth child, she said: "The thing that gets me is that at 73 his face is so wrinkly. All I do is I think his genitalia must be so wrinkly ... it must be hanging, wrinkly and grey. I just couldn't think of anything worse. Because you look up and that is wrinkly and you look down and that is wrinkly, and that is like 'no.'"

And the 'X Factor' judge also had something to say about the age gap between the 'Sympathy For The Devil' musician and his 29-year-old girlfriend.

She said: "He is 73. How much longer is he going to have anyway? Amazing - now he has got somebody to push him around in a wheelchair."

And Sharon also insisted she has "never, never, never" been attracted to Mick as a sex symbol.

Meanwhile, Mick was reportedly shocked by the news he is to become a father for the eighth time.

A source said: "It's a very casual relationship, they see each other now and again and really enjoy each other's company.

"They aren't living together and don't plan to. But Mick will look after the baby 10 times over. There is talk of buying a house for Melanie.

"He was shocked beyond belief at news she was expecting but will do whatever it takes to support Melanie and the child."