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Shannen Doherty: I'm a cancer slayer

Shannen Doherty: I'm a cancer slayer

Shannen Doherty has dubbed herself as a "cancer slayer" as she wraps up her radiotherapy treatment.

The 45-year-old actress was diagnosed with breast cancer in February 2015 and has since undergone both chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatments, and has taken to Instagram to post a motivational message encouraging people to going through similar treatments to keeping "moving".

On a video of the 'Charmed' star at a dance class, she wrote: "Radiation is tiring. It builds up within you and sometimes one just struggles to keep their eyes open. You can see how tired I am here but I'm still moving!! Any movement is so good during treatment, not just for the body, but for your mind as well. #cancerslayer @[email protected] (sic)"

And the 'Charmed' star also took the time to praise the team of people behind her treatments, saying she was going to undergo therapy "twice tomorrow" in order to end her treatment faster.

Posting a picture of one doctor to the photo sharing website, Shannen wrote: "This is Maggie. I've seen Maggie five days a week for what seems like forever. We have a love hate relationship. I love her because she's part of the life saving treatment I'm receiving. It's astounding how far we have come with technology. One day, Maggie will be retired and the cure will be found. Things like immunotherapy are the future but for now.... it's me and Maggie. I'm seeing her twice tomorrow so that I can wrap this phase up faster. Goodnight sweet Maggie. See ya tomorrow. #cancerslayer (sic)"