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Shane Richie had fan living in his garden

Shane Richie had fan living in his garden

A fan once lived in Shane Richie's garden.

The 'EastEnders' actor - who has sons Shane Jr., 26, and Jake, 23, with ex-wife Coleen Nolan, and kids Mackenzie, nine, Lolita, seven, and Romani, four, with wife Christie - had no idea a female had been "hiding in the trees" in the grounds of his home until police were called following a report from a neighbour.

He said: "Once a fan camped out at the bottom of the garden. She was sleeping and hiding in the trees.

"It would appear that when she saw the blue flashing lights, she ran away never to return.

"Empty food cartons, crisp and chocolate wrappers were scattered around a camping ground sheet.

"We only found out when a neighbour saw something and reported it to the police."

Earlier this year, Shane turned 50 but reaching the milestone age didn't bother him.

He told Woman magazine: "It's just a number! I went to my favourite restaurant with all my friends and family.

"We took over the restaurant but the owner, who is a friend, was fine about that.

"Surprise friends from my past turned up, which was so lovely."