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Shailene Woodley: There's no time for social media

Shailene Woodley: There's no time for social media

Shailene Woodley doesn't have time for social media.

The 'Insurgent' actress believes spending time on Twitter and Instagram is painful for her "poor thumb" if she keeps scrolling away.

She told Entertainment Tonight: "I feel like I don't have enough time.

"It takes up so much time! And your poor thumb... like the dexterity of your finger, to constantly be scrolling on your phone."

It was not always this way for the 23-year-old actress who previously admitted she was addicted to photo-sharing site Instagram and she feels as though she's got control of her life again after giving it up.

She said previously: "I did have an Instagram before and I realised that I was just constantly doing this at a stoplight or when I was waiting for something.

"And then one day my thumb, I held it still, and it started shaking and it was always shaking. And I was like, 'I'm 22 years old! That is not OK!' And I think it was literally from typing so much and scrolling.

"So getting rid of Instagram for me was huge [and] my phone in general. I got to know me again and I got to wake up and be like, 'What do I want to do today?'

"I don't have a device to be like, 'What should I do today?' It was like, 'What do I want to do today?'"